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3 of the Best Mountain Bike Trails in England

Published on 14th October 2017 by Drew

England is a country well known for its rolling hills, rugged terrain and natural beauty. All three elements make for some of the best mountain bike trails for cyclists to ride across Europe. The Lake District, Pennines, Cheviot Hills and the Peak District are just four examples of the great areas mountain bike enthusiasts can go for an exhilarating ride.

From rugged mountain roads to scenic forest paths, there are a variety of mountain bike trails waiting to be discovered in England.


The Quantocks Bike Ride
The southwest of England has a number of great trails and beautiful coastline. The region is a great mountain biking area, and riders will find plenty of wide open spaces to adventure. Quantocks is one of the best routes for riders to explore. This single-track route may be technical, but its descents are amongst spiraling fields and meadows. The downhill rides can be very challenging for riders. Porlock has challenging climbs that will test riders’ stamina. After the initial climb, riders can enjoy a ride across Somerset’s moorland.

England is full of great mountain bike trails, and riders can find a great route to explore in all corners of the country. Cyclists are never too far from a great mountain bike ride or a great adventure.

Lake District

Nan Bield Mountain Bike Route
The Lake District is one of the most popular holiday spots in England. Thanks to its rugged landscape, the area is perfect for a challenging ride. However, the gorgeous, shimmering lakes also make it an ideal spot to have a leisurely cycle. There are more than 20 mountain bike trails in the Lake District and all range in difficulty from easy to extreme.

Nan Bield Pass isn’t a mountain bike trail for novice riders. It is a tricky trail of turns, mud and bone-chilling streams that must be crossed. It offers rides variety and a gorgeous setting in the Lake District. Anyone visiting the Lake District that wants to miss the crowds, should cycle the Blawith Loop. The trail takes in quieter areas of the Lake District, and will keep riders from experiencing too much traffic. Quiet country lanes combine with farm roads and dirt trails make the Blawith Loop an easy, relaxing ride. In all, it is a great 12 kilometre jaunt.

If riders want a great climb followed by an exhilarating descent, the Seathwaite-Dunnerdale Route is ideal. However, if anyone fancies an endurance challenge, the High Street North Route will provide it. Massive climbs, single tracks, rugged terrain that forces riders to carry their bikes and beautiful views are all available on this amazing mountain bike trail.

Ullswater isn’t just an eight kilometre route, and it will have riders testing their stamina on the challenging run. The final climb and descent will not only get your heart pumping, but it may raise the hair on the back of your neck.

Peak District

Jacob's Ladder, The Peak District
The Peak District is easy to get to from major English cities, and thanks to its accessibility, people from all over come to the area to mountain bike.

Jacob’s Ladder is one of the most popular mountain bike trails in the Peak District. It is recommended that riders new to the path actually walk part of it before they ride it. This will allow them to familarise themselves with some of the more technical aspects of Jacob’s Ladder. The track is often described as exhausting due to the changing terrain. The route can often be tied in with other routes to create a loop.

Hope Cross, also known as The Beast, is another classic mountain bike trail in the Peak District. This rocky, technical trail has streams that must be crosses as riders navigate the area. The Beast can be just as its name implies, a beast of a ride. Experienced mountain bikers say it is a trail that beginners won’t be able to fully completely.

Cut Gate Trail is another great Peak District mountain bike route, but isn’t as popular as the previously mention trails. The reason it isn’t as popular isn’t down to its difficulty, rather it is overlooked by riders due to the problem of fitting it into a loop. Otherwise, Cut Gate Trail’s challenge and beauty make it just as good, if not better, than the other two.