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10 Must-See Places Near The High Weald Landscape Trail

Published on 21st October 2017 by Jennifer

The scenic High Weald Landscape Trail is a popular destination for hikers from all over. However, it’s not just the allure of the majestic landscape that brings people far and wide to visit. All along this 145-kilometer route, there are incredible places to stop off, making it more than just a destination but a journey all its own.

And we know that getting there really is half the fun. Want to add more to your travels on the trail? Then be sure to pop round one of these places that you’ll find close by.

Chapel Down Winery Tours
This gorgeous 14th century castle, complete with moat, also boasts a house and splendid gardens. It’s a stunning way to spend the day either for a romantic outing or even with the family.

3. Marle Place Gardens

Marle Place Gardens
For the most impressive gardens you’ve yet to see, you’ve got to stop here. The gardens have been carefully cultivated to create hedged rooms and all sorts of tree-lined avenues. This peaceful place is an ideal retreat for anyone.

10. Huxley’s Birds of Prey

Huxley's Birds of Prey
Tired of plants? Then head here, a place that was once an abandoned land that has since been converted into gardens and aviaries. It’s home to falcons, hawks, buzzards, ravens, owls and eagles, to name a few. They even have some baby owls and eagles that are too cute for words.

6. Hammerwood Park

Hammerwood Park
Get ready for history with this park, built by Benjamin Henry Latrobe in 1792. The stunning Greek architecture was one of the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. When the house was converted into flats in the 1960s, it was then purchased by none other than Led Zeppelin, it went on to be purchased in 1982 by the Pinnegar family. To this day, it is a stunning spectacle of architecture and a prime venue for concerts and films.

7. Standen House and Garden

1. The CM Booth Collection Museum

The CM Booth Collection Museum
Car enthusiasts will delight in this museum of Morgan 3-wheeler that has been drawing in all sorts of visitors since 1972. These models date as far back as 1909. Impressive indeed, it also features a shop of motoring antiquities that are quite lovely to bring back from your travels.

2. Scotney Castle

Chapel Down Winery Tours
Take a step back into time and feel like you’ve fallen right back into the fine times of 1925. This Arts and Crafts house makes you feel welcome to a time long gone as soon as you set foot inside. The hillside garden is also worth visiting, as are the footpaths that will have you venturing out into the spectacular woodlands, Ashdown Forest and back to the High Weald from where you first ventured.

8. Saint Hill Manor

Saint Hill Manor
This 18th century sandstone building is a treasure trove of history that you can experience any time of year. With a distinguished line of owners since its creation, each family left behind an indelible piece of history that showcases a mingling of the East and West. The gorgeous grounds and lakes are an ideal place to wander around, even in the colder weather.

9. Borde Hill Garden

Borde Hill Garden
For plant lovers and those that enjoy the countryside, the creation of Colonel Stephenson Robert Clark borne from seeds of the early 1900s, this garden is home to some unique plant life. Rare shrubs as well as champion trees are the foundation of the Edwardian Garden. Even if you have a brown thumb, you’ll surely appreciate spending some time in this garden.

4. Bayham Old Abbey

Bayham Old Abbey
On the Kent-Sussex border, you’ll find these incredible ruins that were once a church, chapter house and gatehouse, all built between the 13th and 15th centuries. With surrounding landscaping that complete the picturesque feel, there’s plenty of opportunity for fun and play, and perfect spots to plop down for a picnic.

5. Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place
Experience a bevy of gardens, one even named the Drunk Garden which is said to have been Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s favourite, plus many other beautiful ways to fill your day. Forests filled with tree swings and magical pools, zip wires, rope swings and a pirate ship all make for an exciting way to spend a day for kids and adults alike. You may even get a chance to get a glimpse of the famed Zedonk, a half donkey, half zebra hybrid.
Now that you know what you’ll find off the beaten trail, it’s time to make a trek to one of these amazing places off the High Weald Landscape Trail!