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9 Country Walks for Everyone in Kent

Published on 21st October 2017 by Jennifer

Kent is a place that provides numerous opportunities for walking around in the fresh air of the countryside. But not all walks are created equal. While all of them are filled with lovely scenery, some are definitely more adventurous than others. Here is your guide to your perfect country walk in Kent.

1. Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Sissinghurst Castle Garden
A glorious 450-acre estate awaits to be explored. The estate and gardens make for a simple and flat walk that anyone can participate in. Awe-inspiring surroundings will keep you captivated during your stroll. Be advised that during wetter months, the ground may be a bit soggy and stout boots will be a prime choice for your footwear.

2. Weardale Walk

This circular walk connects Emmetts Garden with Chartwell, bringing you through pristine woodland areas and to French Street. At the end, you’ll find yourself in gardens and face to face with Emmetts tea room. Parts of this walk can be a bit steep and sloping, and there are bits of rough terrain. It’s still a relatively easy walk though some may find it a challenge.

3. Ightham Mote

Wilmote hill walk on the Ightham Mote estate
The countryside here features 580 acres of land. A walk that takes you through Scathes Wood, Wilmot Hill, the Greensand Way, and Broadhoath Wood, leading you to a choice of two options at the end. Which will you choose?

4. Shipbourne and Fairlawne

Here’s another circular walk that will take you through the ancient portion of Scathes Wood. You’ll happen upon some splendid countryside views as you make your way to Fairlawne followed by Shipbourne. Charming cottages and gardens give you picture perfect sights along the way. This walking experience has a little bit of everything from woodlands to country lanes, though it does cross over some busy roads so it’s advisable to be cautious.

5. Scotney Parkland Trail

Scotney Castle Walk
A leisurely walk that brings you to the historic Scotney Castle is a wonderful way to walk. On this trail, you’ll encounter the old Hornbeam as well as WWII bomb craters and uncover the many secrets time has preserved on this estate. A mostly grassy path with rolling hills, the scenes are worth the effort.

6. Knole

Greensand way connects Knole and Ightham Mote with each other by none other than One Tree Hill. Famed for some of the most beautiful views from the Weald of Kent, this 6.5-kilometer route is a straight shot that will take at least an hour to complete, perhaps more. It’s often muddy so stout boots are the way to go, plus you should be a bit on the fit side to handle this jaunt.

7. Octavia Hill Centenary Trail

There are two trails named for Octavia Hill, who founded the National Trust in 1895. The West portion of the trail takes you through Kent’s countryside where you’ll happen upon the National Trust property of Chartwell whilst listening to the sound of leaves crunching under your feet. Take the East portion of the trail, just slightly shorter, and you’ll come to a scenic village called Ide Hill and even pass Emmetts Garden. You can combine both walks together, which forms a figure-8.

8. Chartwell

Chartwell House
Head from Chartwell on this lovely circular walk that will take you through Toys Hill and Hosey Common for glorious woodland views. Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill, is also an excellent place to explore. This 8-kilometer stretch will take your roughly 3 hours to complete, though it’s a fairly easy feat anyone can master.

9. Knole Deer Park

For a walk that can satisfy any skill level, you can bring the whole family along to see the deer here. The wildlife sightings offer peaceful moments you can share together, watching the deer in their natural habitat. Perhaps even more fascinating is that this land has been virtually unchanged since the medieval times, so in addition to all those sweet deer poking about, you’ll be stepping back into time. At the Knole House, there is a restaurant as well as facilities.

Additionally, you can take the 4.8-kilometer woodland route or the 7.2-kilometer walk for a more substantial walking experience. Attending with children though, you’ll be more stop and go to fawn over the fawns, but it’s well worth it.

The countryside of Kent really has a walk for everyone, so choose your path and discover untamed beauty with every step!