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10 Fun Outdoor Things to Do in Gloucestershire

Published on 31st October 2017 by Emily

Travelling is a passion for many people. The royal country England is a balanced mixture of rich heritage and bounty of nature. Being divided into several counties, each area has something exclusive and attractive to offer. Now grab your opportunity to take a virtual trip to Gloucestershire by knowing the 10 best things to do.

1. Explore the Beauty of Severn Vale

Explore the beauty of Severn Vale in Gloucestershire

Severn River is the longest river in England and a source of natural resources to the place and is famous for its tidal bores. The scenic beauty of this place is immense formed by the lush green meadows along the shores of the river. Kids are attracted to different wildlife and birds which is also a major attraction across the meadows of the river due to the rich existence of thousands of wild fowls and wading birds.

2. Take a Nostalgic Stream Railway Ride

Take a nostalgic Stream railway ride in Gloucestershire

With the advent of new technologies, steam railway system has become extinct. So if anybody wants to revisit the nostalgia, a steam railway ride may work wonder for them. A steam railway ride from Toddington in the North Cotswolds to the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway (GWR) is a must for children as well as adults for a thrilling experience as well as to get an enchanting view of the countryside.

3. Mount on the Glory of Gloucester Cathedral

Mount on the glory of Gloucester Cathedral in Gloucestershire

Historical places never get boring. Their attraction survives as long as their history. Children are more interested now in historical places than to have fun is malls and amusement parks. This medieval architecture stands in the heart of the city is considered as one of the six most beautiful buildings by John Betjeman. The most amazing fact that could excite your children is that these castles have been featured in most of the harry potter films. Now we bet you can’t ignore this place for a view.

4. Catch up with Santa clause at Puzzlewood’s Magical Woods

Catch up with Santa clause at Puzzle wood's magical woods in Gloucestershire

Now, this cannot be left alone once you are in Gloucestershire. Santa clause is one we all love. Search out for handmade reindeers, letters from Santa and if you are lucky enough meet him on real in his grotto. Get into the world of magic surrounded with 18ft long Christmas tree made up of fallen branches and decorated with handmade stockings from local makers. Explore this world of magic and we bet you would love to go back to your childhood with your children.

5. Participate in the Tilbury, Gloucestershire Woolsack Race

Participate in the Tilbury, Gloucestershire woolsack race

Once you have explored the history and geographical beauty of Gloucestershire and kids have started nagging for some excitement, head towards some sporting adventure and take part in a century-old strangest sport of England know as the woolsack race. The history of this dates back to 17th century when it was a stage to the shown chivalry of young men in front of ladies. Please your eyes and let your adrenaline rush by just catching up the event and you can do that without participating.

6. Navigate in the Wye River by Canoe

Navigate in the Wye river by Canoe in Gloucestershire

If the woolsack race was not enough sporty for you, try some rafting in your own hands across the river Wye when its valley is in full bloom during spring. The enchanting valley, the serene river and the adventure of rafting make a wonderful touring experience.

7. Learn on the Go at the Cheltenham Literature Festival

Learn on the go at the Cheltenham Literature Festival in Gloucestershire

Make your trip a meaningful one for your kids by engaging them in some learning experiences mixed with fun in the Cheltenham Literature Festival. It is a festival for young readers and their families. It is one of the world’s oldest literary festivals with an amalgamation of different noted writers across the globe.

8. Indulge in a Platter of Local Cuisine in the Forest Food Showcase

Indulge in a platter of local cuisine in the Forest Food showcase in Gloucestershire

A trip is not completed without getting indulged into local foods. The forest food showcase gives you and your kids to choose from hundreds of recipes being brought down together by local artisans.

9. Experience an Enchanting Tour to Wye valley Butterfly Zoo

 in Gloucestershire

Let your kids experience the world of butterfly in flamboyant colors and some exotic beasts and insects in the brightest of color. Enjoy the live experience of seeing a butterfly drinking nectar or lay eggs.

10. Try Hands-on Water Sports at SUP Gloucester

Try hands-on water sports at SUP Gloucester

Had enough of natural views at valleys and parks? Get into some exciting water sports with your kids at the SUP, Gloucester where paddle boarding is one of the most thrilling events.