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10 Amazing Restaurants to Eat at in Edinburgh

Published on 29th October 2017 by Jennifer

Travelling to Scotland? When most people think of Scottish food, haggis generally comes to mind. But that’s not all that Scotland is about in the culinary scene. In fact, you’ll be quite surprised by the sheer amount of quality restaurants offering choices from quick and tasty bites to upper echelon fine dining experiences. Here are some to seek out for visit to Edinburgh.

1. Aizle

Aizle Restaurant in Edinburgh

Aizle’s Chef Stuart Ralston created the concept of a ‘bistronomie’ in 2014. The premise is to offer fresh, locally-sourced food in a relaxed and informal atmosphere while serving up dishes that you’d expect to find in more upscale dining experiences. The bistro style of the ambiance is quaint and lovely, giving it a homey touch that helps you experience the freshness.

2. Castle Terrace

Castle Terrace Restaurant in Edinburgh

In the centre of Edinburgh, this is where you’ll find upscale elegance without pretention at Castle Terrace. British food with a French flair, it’s so renowned that you’ll need to book your reservations months in advance. You’ll find it’s worth the wait though, with cuisine that is one of the biggest reasons the culinary scene in Edinburgh is so revered.

3. 21212

21212 Restaurant in Edinburgh

Foodies will love the intimate experience here in this New Town location on a cobbled boulevard lined with 19th century townhomes. Helmed by Paul Kitching, this unique place distinguishes itself with some of the finest offerings. Sumptuous and divine, one meal here and you’ll see how it earned Michelin star status by 2010 after opening just the year before in 2009.

4. The Scran & Scallie

The Scran & Scallie Restaurant in Edinburgh

A cute little gastro-pub, this place is anything but ordinary. Stop in for craft brews masterfully created in central Scotland or a taste of food that is Michelin-star quality without being quite so pricey.

5. Mother India’s Cafe

 Mother India's Cafe in Edinburgh

Once upon a time in the 1990s, this cafe got its start in Glasgow. Now it’s part of the starring line-up of exquisite Edinburgh eateries. Since 2008, it has been serving authentic Indian dishes in tapas sizes, allowing for greater tasting option with around 50 distinctive and incredibly memorable dishes. Great for groups, and known for an amazing selection of vegetarian choices, it’s an aromatic way to enjoy the flavours of India in Edinburgh.

6. Wedgwood

Wedgwood Restaurant in Edinburgh

It exudes a relaxed vibe while still providing the perfect refined punch of panache. The modern Scottish menu is divine with spectacular dishes that showcase the sheer elegance. Go for the ‘Deciding Time’ option to truly appreciate the finer things. It comes with a glass of champagne and a selection of amuse bouche to enjoy while you take in the menu.

7. Locanda De Gusti

Locanda De Gusti Restaurant in Edinburgh

For a taste of Italy in Edinburgh, there is no finer place to get the true authentic flavours of Southern Italian cuisine. A small and cosy place, the hearty decor matches that of the foods served here, leaving you completely full and satisfied.

8. Ting Thai Caravan

Ting Thai Caravan Restaurant in Edinburgh

And now for something exotic yet budget without tasting budget in the slightest. This charming casual Thai eatery focuses on the best of Thai street food. It’s a friendly, relaxed and inviting place to grab a quick bite of something flavourful and unique. You’ll eat like royalty thanks to Chef Ting who once cooked for the king, though without the royal prices.

9. The Gardener’s Cottage

The Gardener's Cottage Restaurant in Edinburgh

Seasonal and fresh, this place has stuck to the same roots that showered it in success since opening in 2012. Robust with flavor and atmosphere, it provides a quaint boho-style place with an ever-changing fresh menu that reflects its grassroots.

10. Norn

Norn Restaurant in Edinburgh

Pardon the minimalist ambiance but that’s not why you’re here. This place is run by Chef Scott Smith who worked in Michelin-starred accommodations before opening this place with his wife. It’s an unimpressive backdrop but don’t judge the underwhelming decor. The food more than speaks for itself with bold and bountiful creations that will have you remembering that you should never judge a book by its cover.

With so many incredible dining options in Edinburgh, it’s no wonder it has been thrust into the limelight of the foodie scene. Dining here is a superb experience from the most casual bites to 5-star meals. Which one tickles your fancy?