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Things to Do with Big Kids at the High Weald

Published on 21st October 2017 by Jennifer

Take a journey to the High Weald and discover so much more than hiking with your family. Now that the kids are older, you can plan a proper holiday for the whole family to enjoy. The 145-kilometer trail that runs along the north side itself is ideal for hiking, but there’s so much more you can do together than explore the wilderness.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do with big kids at the High Weald.

Delve into the many attractions

Scotney Castle
Poke around through the woodlands here and you’re bound to discover castles, manor houses, and stunning parks and gardens. You’ll see natural wonders like Bewl Water, named the largest inland water in the South East part of England or Harrison’s Rocks, an ideal place to climb sandstone.

Wander through the nature reserves

Ramblers on the Wakehurst walk
Thanks to the National Trust and other preservation organisations, you’ll find these free and open-to-the-public nature sites. See wildlife in its own pristine habitat. The facilities are generally limited, but here it’s about disconnecting from our daily lives and enjoying the environment surrounding us.

Make a splash at Bewl Water

Make a splash at Bewl Water
This one deserves a place all its own on the list. After all, it’s the kind of place that you could spend all day and still not do everything you want to do. It’s 800 acres of year-round fun that includes activities like fishing, boating, and cycling. There’s also a restaurant and cafe right on the shore, with gorgeous views of the water to enjoy while you dine.

Try an unusual adventure

Bushcraft at the High Weald
One of the best ways to bond as a family is to try out something new. At the High Weald, there are plenty of opportunities to get a taste of something different. So if water sports and hikes are merely ho-hum activities to you, you can sign up for more unusual activities. There are boat rides on the River Rother that will take you from Newenden to Bodiam Castle. You can also tour a vineyard, though the children might be a bit bored with that. There are chances to learn bushcraft and woodcraft skills, learn how to forage for mushrooms, or even learn to bake a loaf of bread completely from scratch.

Do something daring

Harrison's Rocks
Up on Harrison’s Rocks, you can climb to new heights with your family. Try your skills on the sandstone outcrops and you just might be surprised how silly you ever felt complaining that the children should tidy up their rooms when you see the world from this perspective.

Go cycling

Go cycling
This trail is a dream come true for bike riders of all levels. From kids to pro-cyclists, it is truly great fun for everyone. The routes are surfaced for safe exploration along the railway lines, but there are off-road places to explore as well. Ride through and you’ll happen upon villages, tea rooms, pubs, and train stations too. For those that prefer to go more extreme, mountain biking trails provide more challenges should you wish to push your limits. Bring your own bike or you can use a bike hire to have amazing family fun on two wheels.

Go shopping

High Weald shopping
You’re probably surprised to see that as you’d think a place brimming with so many outdoor adventures would be the last place you’d be shopping. However, there are hundreds of local producers at the High Weald area where you can find fresh produce like cherries, apples and pears, or things like wine and beer. You’ll find logs, charcoal, beef and lamb, and freshly-churned dairy items. Rustic and wholesome, it adds to the experience of getting in touch with the pureness of nature by buying foods and goods that are as natural as it gets.

Before the colder weather takes over, bring the family to the High Weald. As you can see, it provides so many more options than simply walking around a forest. While hiking is a perfectly lovely thing to experience in these parts, taking the time to really explore the area and enjoy the other activities you’ll find will bring your family closer together and have the kids begging you to take a family holiday together even when they get to that age where parents suddenly become not-so-cool.