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7 Things to do Near the National Museum of Scotland

Published on 21st October 2017 by Joseph

The National Museum of Scotland falls in the list of top 10 tourist’s attractions in the UK.  It is also a part of the 20 most visited galleries and museums across the world. The museum is home to over 20,000 artifacts. There is no better way of having a taste of the history of Scotland, the natural wonders, cultures and science under one roof.  If you are planning on visiting this museum, make your trip for memorable and informative by visiting the following attractions nearby too:

1. Edinburgh Old Town

The Royal mıle Edınburgh

Start your journey of discovering an array of historical sites and cultural attractions by touring the old town. It is basically a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, cobbled streets and some courtyard. Its Center region is the Royal Mile which is a street containing classical buildings reaching the Edinburgh castle and then the Place of Holyroodhouse. It is a destination you can visit any time throughout the year. If you want to see the town come alive, the best time to be here is August when the Edinburgh Fringe and festival enlighten the streets.

2. The Edinburgh Dungeon

The Edinburgh Dungeon

This is an 80-mintue tour that walks you through the history of Scotland via live shows and underground rides. The cast at the dungeons includes theatrical actors. The way stories are told is funny and scary sometimes. It begins with the 80-minute journey that portrays the dark history of the country.  List of shows include the Green Lady, Market Street Shop, The Torture, Burke and Hare, Boat Ride and more.

3. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle
It is the iconic Scottish tourist attraction. The building is located at the top of a steep slope. Some of its major sights include the Great Hall, National War Museums, Mons Meg, Crown Room, Crown Square and more. This castle was built 70 million years ago and it played a leading role in the history of Scotland. The castle is accessed from the East which connects to the Royal Mile. The massive walls of the castle make its presence formidable. It surely gives fantastic views of the city and its countryside.

4. National War Museum

National War Museum

This museum lies within the Edinburgh castle and it is a great depiction of the battles lost and won by Scotland.  It is home to insignia, military equipment, uniforms, decorations, paintings, medals, weapons and silverware. Some of the popular exhibits include a Nation in Arms, a Grand life for a Scotsman, Highland Solider, Tools of the Trade, and In Defence. In short, the museum covers 400 years of war starting from the 17th

5. William Chambers Monument

William Chambers Monument

William chambers monument is erected in the center of Chambers street. The statue faces the national museum of Scotland. Chambers was a politician and Scottish publisher and brother of Robert chambers. They were influential figures in the mid 19th century. Chambers was a son of a successful cotton manufacturer. When the chambers family moved to Edinburgh, William became a bookseller. He founded W&R Chambers along with his brother. Chambers greatly contributed in the refurbishment of St Giles Cathedral.

6. Surgeons’ Hall Museums

Surgeons' Hall Museums

It is one of the award winning museums of Scotland and the oldest one too. The museums were established as a medical teaching resource but now they are open for all. They are home to the historic pathology collections. Apart from this, you will find specimens of bone and tissues, surgical and dental instructions, college furniture and oil paintings of the students. The collections in the museum represent the change in the medical teachings and research methods from the 18th century.

7. Greyfriars Bobby Memorial

The CM Booth Collection Museum

Greyfriars Bobby, a Skye terrier, spent 14 years guarding the grave of his owner. The story of this dog is well known throughout the country through books and films. The commemorative statue of the dog is a popular tourist attraction. The statute stands at the entrance of the Greyfrairs Kirkyard. This monument however was built as a drinking fountain.

There is nothing better than having a taste of the history of Scotland than visiting these attractions near the National Museum.