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Exclusive, modern and central apartment. Fully equipped and furnished.

3 People|1 Bedrooms|

Property Description

Fully equipped and furnished apartment in downtown Oslo. The apartment has one bedroom, a tiled bathroom and integrated living room and kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped in such a degree that it can serve as an adequate alternative to own home. The apartments also have private balconies and are part of Barcode project, a number of unique superstructures. A short distance from the main train station, bus station and all of the metro lines, this gives you a good starting point if you want to experience Oslo and its surroundings. Please note that we have several apartments on this location and that the pictures are meant as an example of how the apartment looks like rather than the actual apartment. All of our apartments have similar furnishing and the same equipment, so the main difference between the apartments are the floor planning. You can read more about us and our apartments on

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