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B & B Balsimelli12 House in the Old Town of San Marino

4 People|2 Bedrooms|

Property Description

Historic house in the heart of the Republic of San Marino. There are 2 bedrooms with double beds, for a total of 4 guests. The house is located close to all the main monuments of San Marino.
From an ancient tradition of stonecutters and armaments, the Balsimelli Family has lived in this house for generations, creating an established identity over time. The use of the stone of the Titan Mountain cleverly carved by master Balsimelli adorns not only the house, recently restored, but many places in the historic center. Staying at B & B Balsimelli12 will be the ideal opportunity to experience an emotional experience in an historic location right in the heart of the oldest republic of the world.
One room (Mirror Room) is located on the ground floor, the second in attic (attic room) on the first floor accessible only from the internal staircase.

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