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5 Bedroom, Warm, Cozy, Mountain Holiday Home Immersed In Nature

Lotrioara, Sibiu, Romania
15 People|5 Bedrooms|

Property Description

Villa Cervus is a warm, cozy, mountain holiday home located on the banks of a trout filled creek, in the lap of the majestic Carpathian mountains in Transylvania, Romania. Its soothing, natural abundant surroundings provide an ideal get-away from city life. A stay here will leave you revitalized and rejuvenated. Villa Cervus can accommodate 12-15 persons, in 5 bedrooms. Large private garden (4,500 square meters/48,000 square feet). 23 miles/37 km to the city of Sibiu, where all amenities and shops are available. Thermal water resorts of Calimanesti-Caciulata and Voineasa can be found nearby.

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