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Real Slovakia Experience in the Castle View Village House - live like a local

Krasnohorske Podhradie, Kosicky kraj, Slovakia
4 People|1 Bedrooms|

Property Description

The house is located in the middle of the beautiful village Krasnohorske Podhradie, surrouded by castle Krasna Hôrka and beautifull mountains. In the borders with national park Slovenský Kras. The house is fully furnished,very spacious with fully equipped kitchen and own bahtroom with toilet. Private parking for guest and garden available. There is an outside charcoal grill – free to use. Free Wifi. The village have all local amenites – grocery shop, goat farm, bakery, pub and restaurant. Nearest town – Rož?ava with plenty of history to see. Nearby is Unesco caves, spa baths and so many things to do. Footpaths and walking routes available. Cyclist routes available. Nice neighbours. Pets welcome. Garden also available.

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