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Luxury Chalet with Panoramic View on Golf Course.

10 People|4 Bedrooms|

Property Description

Beautiful luxury cottage with panoramic views. Luxury house with all facilities at Golf Alpin in Hemsedal (650 mph). A great place to spend vacations and events. Four bedrooms spread over 1etase and loft. Two baths. Ideal for up to two families. There are two double beds and six single beds. A total of 10 beds. TV in the living room and on the loft.

ACTIVITIES spring, summer and fall: hiking, cycling, fjord sighting, golf, fishing in mountain water or river fishing, climbing, motorsport. Have a swim in the river or a tropical bath at Pers Hotel. Four player rights to half price on the golf course are included in the rent. The property is bordered by hole 7.

ACTIVITIES WINTER: Prepared cross-country trails from the cabin that runs around Golfalpin and onto the trail network to Hemsedal and Gol.
This provides millions of groomed trails, 10 min to Gravet ski resort with miles of groomed ski tracks, floodlighting of 3.5 and 8 km.
15 minutes by car to Hemsedal Ski Center, Norway’s most popular ski resort. Akebakke and ski slope for children on the property.
There is a road to the cabin that is plowed all winter.

Bring: duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets and towel.
Power is included in the rent.
The age limit for renting the cabin is 25 years.

If you are looking for a place to go hiking in Norway, come to Hemsedal!
Hemsedal has many beautiful walks for all levels. The tours are well marked.
We can offer 41 marked routes with stunning views of the dramatic landscape. We can also offer you “Top 20” programs. This program guides you to 20 different peaks in Hemsedal with heights between 804 m and 1 920 m (the center is 625 meters above sea level).
Top 20 in Hemsedal are twenty marks and graded trips to mountain peaks in Hemsedal.

The tours vary in difficulty and length, from the easiest to the carriages, to the more steep and demanding. The easiest trips are well marked, while the road description for the more demanding tours is kept to a minimum. Hemsedal has a total of 210 km of marked hiking trails and peaks.

The four different difficulty levels are:
– Green – Very simple
– Blue – Simple
– Red – More demanding
– Black – Demanding
We recommend buying a Hemsedal turquoise for the more challenging trips.
Find maps with description, levels and gpx files by downloading
Search for Hemsedal or Postal Code 3560.
Here is a pdf with Top 20 and QR codes for all tours.

Hemsedal is located in the middle of southern Norway, between Oslo and Bergen. This makes it a perfect destination for excursions to the famous Sognefjord, Stavkirker, Hallingdal and more.

Within one to two hours drive, you will reach some of Norway’s biggest attractions;
– Hardangervidda
– Sognefjord, the longest fjord in the world with the stave churches, Flåmsbanen and more
– Jotunheimen

Join UNESCO Fjord Cruise and experience one of the nicest and most popular fjord areas in Norway. This is a combined boat and bus tour and it has several daily departures between Flåm and Gudvangen. Flåm is 1.5 hours drive from Hemsedal.
Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
15 minutes before departure!
Departure from
Flåm or Gudvangen
All days
The narrow and spectacular Nærøyfjorden is surrounded by steep mountainsides with snow-capped peaks that radiate 1800 meters above sea level, with roaring waterfalls and idyllic beaches along the fjord.

This is an area rated as one of the world’s most beautiful fjords and on UNESCO’s world heritage site.
You can choose to start from Flåm or Gudvangen.

FLÅMSBANA is one of the world’s most spectacular railways, and one of the biggest attractions in Norway. The train runs from the end of Aurlandsfjorden, a side arm of the Sognefjord, and up to the high mountain at Myrdal station. The journey shows the beautiful scenery of Vestland from its best side.

Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
Multiple departures daily
Departure from
Flåm station
Wheelchair accessible
All days
In a little hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Sognefjord in Flåm to the Myrdal mountain station at Hardangervidda, 867 meters above sea level.

Flåmsbana is one of the steepest train lines in the world on regular railways, with almost 80% of the length increasing by 5.5%. The train ride goes through stunning scenery, past Rallarvegen, steep mountain walls, foaming waterfalls, through 20 tunnels and offers so many views that many feel like traveling several times up and down between the high mountains and the fjord.

The National Geographic Traveler Magazine has appointed Flåmsbana to one of the top 10 railways in Europe, while Lonely Planet Traveler in 2014 has stretched even further and chose Flåmsbana to be the world’s best train ride!

Fishing & Fly Fishing (
Summer in Hemsedal is a sportsman’s paradise, with long, strie rivers and many mountain waters. Rivers and lakes are crystal clear and have wild trout at their best age.
The main river in Hemsedal, Hemsila, is one of the best fly fishing lakes in Norway. A real challenge for the experienced fly fisherman!
The season for fishing in Hemsedal is from 29 May to 20 September. Hemsila and Grøndøla rivers are two of Norway’s best trout rivers.
You can expect trout of 500 grams to 2 kilos. You can read more on

HEMSEDAL Golf Alpine
Hemsedal Golf Resort is located on the border between Gol and Hemsedal, on Highway 52, 17 km from Hemsedal and 15 km from Gol.
The cottage is located at hole 7.
It is the only 18-hole golf course in the regions of Hallingdal, Valdres and Nore and Uvdal, and a multi-arena for hiking, cycling and also a starting point for skiing in the winter.
The terrain and climate are nicer than in the typical high mountains of Hemsedal. The Golf Resort is surrounded by beautiful tall pine trees, idyllic lakes and swamps, making it an exciting golf course.
If you have never tried golf before or do not have the power of attorney, you are welcome to Hemsedal Golf Alpin!

Season / Opening Hours: May – October
Monday – Friday 10.00 to 18.00
Saturday 09.00 to 16.00
Sunday 10.00 to 16.00

SWIMMING / Mountain biking (
Hemsedal is a great starting point for many great cycling trips.
The routes are varied and go through beautiful scenery with wild majestic mountains and lush valleys

The 21-degree and marked routes offer challenges for all levels, from simple and short trips to challenging day trips.
At Hemsedal Ski Center you can take a chairlift up to 1100 moh and try the fun down hill park or ride further into the mountain. At the top of the chair lift, you can also have a break at Fjellkafeen for a nice waffle and something to drink.
Hemsedal has a good bike rental with mountain bikes, mountain bikes and tour bikes.

CLOTHING / Rope activities (
Climbing is an exciting activity, offering action, adrenaline, sweat and laughter for both experienced climbers and beginners.
The mountains in Hemsedal are a good starting point for climbing. There are opportunities for all levels of climbing skills.

horse Riding
Ride in beautiful forests and mountain terrain.
The tours will be adapted to the riders experience and ability. Trente horses for beginners and more experienced riders

Hemsedal Ski Center (

Hemsedal Ski Center offers wonderful ski and snowboard experiences with 49 hills, 20 lifts, terrain parks, ski crossing and a large children’s area.
Hemsedal Ski Center has a large variety of difficulty levels. Here, both children and adults, experienced and beginners will thrive. Hemsedal also has several different arenas such as parks and ice skating rinks, for skiing and snow for the whole family.
Hemsedal Ski Center has winter Norway’s highest prepared ski slopes with Totten at 1450 moh, Hamaren at 1349 moh and Roni at 1250 moh.
Hemsedal is open daily from mid November to 1st of May

Cross Country Skiing ()

Hemsedal has fantastic cross-country skiing possibilities in forest, valley bottom and high mountain, a total of 250 km of trails!

140 km of ski slopes are prepared daily.
110 km of mountain bike trails are plugged and machine prepared by stable weather no later than week 7.
Beihovdløypa in Holdeskaret is run up earlier, approximately from January on weekends during the winter season.

Activity location


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