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9 of the Best Pubs and Bars in Cambridge

Published on 31st October 2017 by Jennifer

Find yourself in the famous university town of Cambridge and you better be ready to raise your glass. This town is a great place to experience British pub culture. There are plenty to choose from, however some truly shine more than others. Here are some of the best pubs and bars to drink at in Cambridge.

1. Cambridge Blue Public House

Cambridge Blue Public House

Looking for a place to party? This pub hosts many of the most popular festivals during the year, plus it’s the best place to be for the beer festivals. The outdoor garden area is large enough for plenty of fun and unusual food offerings, like an antelope burger, make for lovely companions to your ale.

2. The Flying Pig

The Flying Pig Pub in Cambridge

It’s a prime place to cosy up to someone and then dance the night away with live music on the weekends. The outdoor garden area makes for a sublime setting, ideal for Instagram perfection or simply watching those that wander by. A rotating selection of ales makes it impossible to stay away for FOMO on something new.

3. The Pint Shop

The Pint Shop Pub in Cambridge

For those on a tighter budget, you’ll enjoy the grand selection of low-priced offerings from beer to whiskey. Styled like the 1830s beer houses of yesteryear, this place has loads of charm. The food is also highly recommended too with a menu that can suit just about any craving that comes on.

4. The Free Press

The Free Press Pub in Cambridge

It’s been here longer than any of us, still standing for over 120 years. And it will likely be here long after we’re gone. It was once a place where free newspapers were printed but that didn’t last long when it was discovered more money could be made as a pub. So it’s covered with newspaper pages and unique Cambridge historic details. It’s a wonderful place to grab a pint and drink in the vibe from this historic pub.

5. The Eagle

The Eagle Pub in Cambridge

Science fans should come here for a pint. This was where James Warson and Francis Crick unveiled their DNA double helix discovery. The interior is handsomely designed with that dark wood and plenty of high-backed chairs that encourage relaxing, unwinding and lingering. And the food will further envelop you like the warm hug this place emits, like an extension of your own living room.

6. The Bath House

The Bath House Pub in Cambridge

Go for full-on British pub tradition where you’ll get some of the best fish and chips in Cambridge. It’s a prime place to start out the night, making it easy to hit area theatres after you knock back a few. Or stick around for the live music when it’s there. It has all the makings of a good time.

7. King Street Run

King Street Run Pub in Cambridge

It’s a lively place particularly among the college set. It also happens to be one of the main draws for the famous beer run. There are plenty of beer choices plus you can take on a game of billiards or watch football on the TV.

8. The Mitre

The Mitre Pub in Cambridge

It’s a more contemporary choice shrouded in Cambridge history. It gets its name from being the meeting point as it once was home to two inns that eventually went out of business. Joining forces, these two public houses became one and now enjoy vast success pouring off icy ales and dishing up traditional British cuisine.

9. The Mill

The Mill Pub in Cambridge

There’s a lot of history behind the Cambridge pub scene and The Mill is no exception to that rule. It sits upon the very place where a feud took place between two millers. The whole town was privy to this famous and enduring feud. While the two millers never could see eye to eye, now as a pub it is one of the most beloved places to unwind in Cambridge. It has an incredibly inviting atmosphere made even more charming thanks to the staff. There’s even a record player in the corner for more jolly good fun. There are plenty of parties for watching sporting events or even celebrating holidays like Halloween. It’s the kind of neighbourhood place you’ll look forward to drinking at after work or to liven up your hum-drum weekend.

Thirsty for more? The pubs and bars in Cambridge really know how to hit the spot. Each has the kind of ambiance that encourages you to let loose and stop stressing about your troubles. Add to that tasty morsels and you’re in for a remarkable time!